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Julie Petty, Schoolteacher

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After having problems with my horse not wanting to canter left whilst ridden but also on the lunge, I decided to ask the physic to look at him; she discovered a problem with his right side.
He was sore and didn't use his right hind properly and we put this down to him getting his leg caught in the gate a few months previously, it did not cause any major problems at first other than a hematoma appeared just above the stifle. This was the reason he struggled to canter left as he was sore and couldn’t bring his right hind under to strike off in canter.
After having treatment she suggested I get the saddle checked out, he didn’t have a sore back but we were both a little concerned it looked slightly on the wide side, at the time I had a bates Innova which had an adjustable gullet. I contacted Karen and asked her to have a look. Karen arrived at the yard and within the first few minutes had told me the saddle was not right for me or the horse. It was too wide but due to having quite flat panels could not be made narrower as it would then be too low at the back. She advised me to get a saddle made to measure. I was unsure at first as I had not had the Innova long and had a few long conversations with Karen until I made my mind up to have the saddle made. She took into account my size, I am a very short 5'3" and the horse is 17.2hh and has a very large movement, I was struggling with my balance. I had major issues keeping my lower leg still and the canter to trot transitions were terrible. Karen suggested I had the saddle flaps cut slightly shorter which would help me get my lower leg on and the saddle would also have a narrower twist which would help with my balance. When the saddle arrived the difference was amazing my balance and lower leg position improved instantly. I was able to concentrate on schooling instead of keeping my balance! The horse is going forward and I am able to go with him! I would not believe it could make so much difference and I will recommend that anyone who has concerns to seek the advice from Karen.
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